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unicorn jewelry, UNICORN LOVE **Interlocking COPPER coin set** Necklace or Keychain



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UNICORN LOVE **Interlocking COPPER coin set** This necklace or keychain set will be hand carved just for you! I custom cut each one using old British pennies, approximately the size of a fifty cent piece. They will come with two Black waxed cotton cords or two Stainless Keychains.If you would like your coin to be a Victorian 100 yr old copper coin please choose that in the options, the cost is sligtly higher but well worth the beauty of this old rare coin.I have 20+ yrs cutting experience so I do my very best to cut quality coins with attention to details, please inquire if you have any further questions.If you would like this design done on a US half dollar instead please request a custom listing :) the cost will only be slightly higher., coin jewelry

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