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These ornaments are made with flowers from your memorable occasion. Whether the occasion is a birth, wedding, baptism, anniversary, funeral or just special flowers from your garden, what better way to remember, than to have a special keepsake for years to come created from your flower petals.The flower petal keepsake is handcrafted from your dried flowers. The petals are crushed and mixed with a clay base to form beads and fired for hardness. The flower petals are within the bead, preserved for generations to enjoy and cherish.The ornaments can be made with natural clay where the colors will be more subtle and will be the color of the dried flowers. Or I can use a colored clay which will be bold colors with the petals showing in the clay. You can tell by looking at the pictures where I used transparent and where I used colors. A couple of the ornaments shown, I used both in the ornament.The ornaments measure approximately 3 inches across.Please only send dried petals.Contact me with any questions.Cathy McCormack455 Rose St.Montgomery City, MO63361, handmade jewelry

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