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Manic Trout will be closing after 15 years of bringing you slightly askew jewelry. The studio is closed as of July 31st and the remaining inventory will be available here until gone. Thank you for 15 wonderful years!Luscious gemstone bracelet made with stunning rainbow rhyolite, accented with red jasper and finished with a classic toggle clasp. This perfectly matches the Another Love Earrings and Necklace making a fabulous set, if that tickles your fancy!This bracelet is made with rainbow rhyolite and red jasper. Rainbow rhyolite brings awareness and joy for the natural state of things, such as your own body, emotional balance, interaction with other living people and organisms. It can be used to invigorate or renew your emotional state. It brings hope and positive energy to alleviate depression or lethargy. Red jasper, which is a strong protection gemstone and it eases emotional stresses. Jasper gives one the courage to speak out and have personal independence.Description: Rainbow rhyolite and red jasper statement braceletLength: 7.5"Materials: rainbow rhyolite, red jasper, gold plate or silver plate wire and toggle claspOrigin: Hand made in the USA at the Manic Trout studio in Austin, TXInspired by: Another Love by Tom OdellSee the rest of my collection here: https://www./shop/manictrout, ryolite

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