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coinring, Mexican Cinquenta Centavos Coin Ring........ Size 10



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This is a cool ring........ i can leaveit as is or polish it up for you. Let me know.The ring is made from a circulated coin and shows very little wear. It is not brightly polished but looks like it did when I got it: gently circulated. Personally, I like the rings to look like they were made from a coin rather than a brand new piece of high polished metal. That is the whole point! ;-) My rings are handmade and sizing is determined by the size of the coin. If you like this coin but want a different size, please contact me. I would love to make one for you if it is possible with this size coin. If the size you want is too big or too small for this coin, there is probably a coin of smaller or larger size with similar markings or look that will work for you. So, please contact me. (It gets awful lonely when my Suzy locks me in the basement to make more rings! Work, Work, Work!)I can usually adjust the size of these rings a size or two if this is not your size, so if this ring was made a little too big or too small, contact me and I will size it up or down, if possible., mexico

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