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adjustable bracelet, Orange And Gray Leaf Charm Boho Bracelet



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Colors like smoky embers are combined here in this bohemian chic leaf charm bracelet. Shades of orange and gray contrast and compliment one another in a unique design. The style is loose and laid-back while being elegant and strikingly pretty at the same time.My handmade bracelets are one of a kind, and this one contains quite a variety of elements. Wood, glass, crystal, shell and quartzite beads are layered together in a delicious array. The round flat orange beads are shell, as well as the little smoky gray diamond shapes. Gunmetal gray leaf charms in two sizes dangle from the ends of different beads. One of the three layers of this bracelet is a chain I made out of charcoal-gray wood beads, and there are sparkly crystal and glass beads that catch the eye. One line is nylon coated jewelry wire strung with glass seed beads and charms. A matte gray metal alloy chain with baubles and charms makes the third layer. The lines are all gathered at the ends as one piece.This bracelet is adjustable and fastens with a gunmetal toned lobster clay clasp. It measures 7.5 inches at its smallest adjustment, and extends up to 9.5 inches with the extra bit of chain., boho charm bracelet

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